Long-term loan

Partner banka provides long-term loans to fund your investment in fixed assets for the purpose of refurbishing or equipping your business premises, and purchasing or upgrading machinery and equipment.

Amount of loan

Up to maximum 80% of the total investment amount

Purpose of loan
  • To purchase, build, refurbish or expand business premises
  • To build and equip production plant,
  • To refurbish and equip family hotels,
  • To purchase machinery,
  • To purchase equipment...
Loan currency
Loans are granted in HRKs or indexed in EUR

Availability of funds

Payment into the account of the vendor or supplier


In equal monthly or quarterly instalments

Repayment term

Not later than 36 months after approval date

Interest rate

Depending on the client's credit capability and creditworthiness and the volume of operatons with the Bank. The interest rate is part of the instalment.

Guarantee instruments

These depend on the loan amount and the client's credit capability, and include the following:
  • Personal bills of exchange and IOUs isued by the loan beneficiary
  • Guarantees provided by other legal entities or natural persons
  • Receivables ceded by quality companies
  • Transfer of ownership or a mortgage on real estate / property / shares / ownership stakes
  • Purpose-specific term deposits ...