Discounting bills of exchange

Where you have receivables from quality companies and they have issued you a bill of exchange with maturity of up to a couple of months as their payment guarantee, while you need funds immediately to continue your business operations, the Bank can offer to discount such bills and meet your needs for working capital, and then collect the amount granted on the bills' maturity date.

Discounted amount

Depending on the creditwortiness of the bill's issuer

Purpose of the loan

To improve liquidity

Availability of funds

Payment of the discounted amount minus the Bank's fee and interest from discounting date to the bill's maturity date in favor of the account held by the bill holder at the Bank

Repayment term

In accordance with the bill's due date, but not later than 12 months after the approval date

Interest rate

Depends on the client's credit capability and creditworthiness and the client's volume of operations with the Bank

Guarantee instruments
  • Bills of exchange and IOUs issued by the bill holder
  • Other instruments, as required by the Bank