About us

Key data
Headquarters: Vončinina 2, Zagreb, Croatia
OIB: 71221608291
Company registration number: 3726177
Bank account: 2408002-1000002870
IBAN: HR94 2408 0021 0000 0287 0
GIIN: MNVXG3.99999.SL.191
Partner banka d.d. employs 129 persons.
The Bank equity capital equals 11,6 milion EUR, it is 100% privately owned.
The Bank data as at 31 December 2023:
  • Base capital = 35,3 milion EURO
  • Regulatory capital = 35,3 milion EURO
  • Total assets = 300,5 milion EUR
  • Capital adequacy = 18.79 %
The Bank auditors in 2023 were Audit d.o.o.

The Bank was established in the war year 1991 and was one of the first private banks, 100% Croatian-owned. The initial capital was only 11 million HRK.   
The Bank received a capital injection by means of a second share issue, so that share capital at the end of that year amounted to 5.2 million EUR. The Bank became a member of SWIFT, global financial telecom company in the same year.  
The third share issue took place and the Bank share capital increased to 11.8 million EUR.
The Bank opened a branch office in Osijek. 
A branch office was opened in Rijeka.
The Partner banka foundation was set up with the aim of educating and training young financial experts with initial capital of 1.5 million HRK.
The Bank became a full member of the Croatian Association of Banks.
A new branch office was opened in Split.
The Bank currently runs branch offices in Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Pula, Zadar and Varaždin.
The Bank balance sheet total exceeded one billion, standing at 1.032 billion.  
A new Management Board is appointed to run the Bank and they announce the start of a new Bank development cycle with the introduction of new products and services and the improvement of existing ones.
A new office in Pakoštane was opened in May 2010 as a part of branch office Zadar.