Short term loan

In order to improve your liquidity and finance your working capital needs, Partner banka offers a range of short-term loans:
  • Short-term loan with a single repayment
  • Short-term loan with a successive repayment plan
  • Short-term loan with repayment in equal monthly instalments

Loan amount

Depends on the need and the credit repayment capacity of the client

Loan currency

Loans are granted in HRK with EUR indexing

Availability of funds

Payment into the account of the loan beneficiary with the Bank or following the beneficiary's instructions

Repayment term
  • Loans to improve liquidity: not later than three months after the loan approval date
  • Loans to provide working capital: not later than 12 months after the loan approval date

Interest rate

Depends on the client's credit repayment capability and creditworthiness, and the overall volume of the client's operations with the Bank. Interest is accounted for and paid monthly.

Guarantee instruments

Dependingon the loan amount and creditworthiness of the loan beneficiary, the following guarantee instruments are acceptable:
  • Bills of exchange and IOUs issued by the loan beneficiary
  • Guarantees provided by third parties, either legal entities natural persons
  • Receivables ceded by quality companies
  • Ownership transfer or morgage on real estate/property/ shares/ownership stakes
  • Specific-purpose term deposits ...