Loans – ceded receivables

Where you have receivables from quality clients due in a couple of months, while you are in immediate need of funds to continue everyday operations, The Bank offers a short-term loan based on your receivables ceded to the Bank. The total amount of the ceded receivables is made available to you immediately, while the Bank collects the same amount on the maturity date from your debtor in accordance with the agreement on ceding receivables.

Amount of loan

Up to the total amount of receivables ceded.

Loan currency

Loans are granted in HRK

Availability of funds

Payment into the Bank account held by the loan beneficiary or following the loan beneficiary instructions

Repayment term

Not later than 12 months after approval date

Repayment method

Collection from your debtor when ceded receivables become due, in case of non-payment

Interest rate

Depends on the client's credit capability and creditworthiness, and the total volume of the client's operations with the Bank. Interest is accounted for and paid monthly.

Guarantee instruments
  • Bills of exchange and IOUs issued by the loan beneficiary
  • Contract on ceding receivables