Internet banking

P@RTNERnet offers a modern, safe and fast method of transacting both in kuna and in foreign currency through the Bank. From the comfort of your office, you can make non-cash payment orders, check execution of payment orders made, have access to the balance and turnover on the account, and take delivery of the statement on transactions performed at the Bank, and all of these come at a fee much more favorable than those charged for transactions performed at the Bank and at considerable time saving.

Operations with P@RTNERnet Internet banking service provider are fast, confidential and safe. You perform your financial operations without visiting the Bank premises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, using your PC and your internet connection.


Advantages of the service

P@RTNERnet Internet banking service enables you to initiate and prepare payment orders electronically, self-identification of the sender, verification of the digital signature, checking of the order's accuracy and dispatch of the order for execution via the Internet.

Our operations via the Internet are protected using the most recent technology. Use of smart cards and digital signature PKI provide protection from unauthorized reading or changing of data during data transfer from and to the client and the Bank, each client's identity is checked, denial of orders sent and received is made impossible and client privacy is protected.

In order to make unauthorized reading of data exchanged impossible, their transfer is effected via the SSL protocol. All the data exchanged between the client and the Partner banka server are encrypted at all times, the Bank information system is protected from unauthorized access from the Internet by a Firewall. The Firewall is a special „partition“ with strictly controlled data flow surveillance 24 hours a day.

P@RTNERnet Internet banking service enables you to use your transaction accounts at the Bank in the following manner:

To make payment orders in the country (by individual order entry or by loading orders from a FINA-format file prepared in advance), either for current data or in advance,
  • To make foreign payment orders,
  • To make orders to purchase foreign currency,
  • To make orders to redeem foreign currency,
  • To create orders easily and quickly using templates prepared in advance,
  • To have insight into the balance on the transaction account by currency,
  • To have overview of turnover on the account by currency,
  • To have overview of all the transactions ordered to charge the transaction account irrespective of where the order came from (the Bank or P@RTNERnet),
  • To get printouts of the overview and statement of turnover on the account in pdf format,
  • To take delivery of statements in electronic form - in FINA format (.txt i .xlm) for the currency 191/HRK,
  • To take delivery of statements in electronic form for other currencies used on the account,
  • To enjoy more favorable fees for payment orders, and to take delivery of statements without any fee.