Domestic payment operations

Partner banka enables you to do business through your transaction account in a simple, fast and safe manner, as well as the option to use state-of-the-art services of the Bank to carry out payment operations and have access to information on changes and balances on the account.


HRK payment operations services
You can use all the Bank branch offices and all the Financial Agency offices (FINA) to:
  • Submit a request to open a transaction account
  • Perform cash operations on the transaction account
  • Perform non-cash operations on the transaction account
  • Take statements on the account movement and balance (in HRK)
  • Pay the founder's deposit when setting up a company
  • Resolve any complaints related to operations on the account in HRK
Cash and non-cash payment operations can be performed at all the Bank branch offices and outlets.
Clients wishing to do business also through the Finance agency (FINA) can perform their cash and non-cash transactions at any FINA outlet.