Account opening

Opening a transaction account

In order to perform payment operations via Partner banka, you need to open a transaction account at the Bank. TRANSACTION ACCOUNT is a multi-currency account at the Bank enabling it to record performed payment operations and the balances in HRK and other currencies, separately for each currency. In order to open the transaction account at the Bank, you should submit to the Bank the relevant forms completed and certified together with the required documentation on the status of the applicant. 

Documents required to open a transaction account

Documents required to open a transaction accounts:

  • Two copies of the request to open a transaction account
  • Two copies of the Contract to open and manage a transaction account and to perform payment operations
  • Two copies of the signature registration (or three if you decide to also operate through FINA)
  • Copy of ID of authorized signatories and persons authorized to represent a business entity
  • Statement on the account status
  • Statement on actual ownership
  • Status documents