Safe boxes

There are safe boxes in your vicinity where your valuables will be guaranteed SECURITY!
  • Clients with a 1-year term deposit of 2 million HRK will be offered a safe box for the same period of time free of charge
  • Clients with a 1-year term deposit of 1 million HRK will be offered a 50% discount on the use of a safe box, and users of P@RTNERnet service contracted until the end of the year are offered a 25% discount

Fee on safe box use

Fees are expressed in HRK, payable on safe box rental.

Safe box size
1 month
6 months
12 months
safe box type A    
 ( 6 x 30 x 40 cm )
30 kn
120 kn
180 kn
safe box type B
 ( 12 x 30 x 40 cm )
40 kn
190 kn
330 kn
safe box type C
 ( 18 x 30 x 40 cm )
50 kn
250 kn
440 kn
safe box type D
 ( 30 x 30 x 40 cm )
60 kn
280 kn
500 kn

  • After handover of the safe box keys, visits during the contracted period are free of charge
Loss of keys
  • Loss of one key – actual cost of lock replacement plus 200.00 HRK
  • Loss of two keys – actual cost of lock replacement plus 400.00 HRK
Safe boxes are located in the following Partner Banka branch offices:
  • Zagreb - Vončinina 2; tel/fax 01/4602 260
  • Osijek - A. Starčevića 1; tel/fax 031/205 531

General information on safe boxes
A safe box is a box in a steel press in a specially guarded and protected area of the vaults in the Bank, which the Bank rents out to users at a fee.

1. What may be stored in a safe box?
Valuables, securities, documents and the like.

2. What may not be stored in a safe box?
Safe boxes may not be used to store domestic or foreign currency cash, inflamable objects or explosives, radioactive materials or objects that may jeopardize safety of the Bank and other safe boxes. The Bank may ask to check the objects stored, if there is any doubt regarding the objects stored in the safe box.

3. Use of a safe box
The Bank rents out safe boxes for use by an indivdual or entity with proven business ability by entering a contract. A safe box has two locks. The key to one is kept at the Bank, and two keys to the other lock are given to the user of the safe box so that the safe box may only be opened in the presence of the safe-box user and a Bank officer. The Bank guarantees the user full confidentiality of safe-box use, and data on the safe-box user and the objects stored are kept as confidential business data of the Bank.

4. Authorization to use the safe box
The safe box user may, when contracting its use or later and in the presence of a Bank official, in court or at a notary public's or at a consulate of the Republic of Croatia, authorize not more than two persons to have access to the safe box. The manager of the Bank branch office where the safe box is located may give the user a consent to allow more persons to access the safe box.

5. Insurance of valuables stored
The Bank will insure the objects stored for the period of the safe box rental up to the value of 40,000.00 HRK. Insurance policy covers the risk of burglary and theft, fire and flood. The safe-box user may insure the objects stored for a higher amount. The Bank is not responsible for the deterioration of the object stored or its loss of value due to safe-box storage. The Bank cannot be held responsible for damage caused by factors outside the control of the Bank or by force majeure.

6. End of use of a safe box
Use of a safe box ends:
  • When the contract expires,
  • When the contract is canceled due to contract violation,
  • Cancellation by a user,
  • Death of a user or closing down of a business.