P@RTNERnet for individual clients

In order to make access to your funds easy and to provide all the services to you in one place, we have added internet banking to the Bank Retail services.

Why start using P@RTNERnet service?
P@RTNERnet retail banking is a state-of-the art product offering the fastest and most comfortable way of managing your finances. By making the service available to you, we have provided you with a reliable, simple, fast and high-quality transaction method. You have access to your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, irrespective of Bank working hours, while enjoying considerably lower bank fees than in the Bank branch offices.
How can you start using P@RTNERnet service?
You can start using P@RTNERnet service if you are an individual who is the owner or proxy of a multi-currency current account at Partner banka, and all you have to do is to personally submit a completed and signed Application form to the nearest Bank branch office.
The form can be downloaded from our web page or obtained in our branch offices.
Once the Application form has been approved, the Bank will provide the owner or the proxy with an identification token.
The contracted service is available one working day after you have received your token and your initial PIN required for the first-time use of the token.
P@RTNERnet service users have the following at their disposal:
  • Making kuna orders (payments, transfers, loan instalment payments etc.)
  • Making kuna orders in advance
  • Purchase of foreign currency
  • Sale of foreign currency
  • Overview of turnover on all accounts held with Partner banka
  • Overview and status of kuna orders
  • Overview of sales and purchases orders
Your payment orders will be executed in accordance with General terms of use of PARTNERnet-a in retail banking.
For any additional information, please call: 01/4602 258, 01/4602 259