Multi-currency account – One for all
Easy access to your money at all times
Why open a multi-currency current account at Partner banka?
A multi-curency current account is your single business account and the key to managing your finances. Our aim is to enable you to have easy access to all your funds deposited at sight (in HRK and in foreign currencies) from one universal account. The instruments used wil enable you to have access to your funds held in the account from anywhere in Croatia and in the world.
A multi-currency current account can be opened by a Croatian citizen or a foreigner with residence in the Republic of Croatia, irrespective of whether they have regular inflows into the account or not.
Terms of account opening
  • Payment of salary into the current account
  • Transfer of funds from a bank transfer account into multi-currency account using standing order
  • Term deposits in foreign currency or in HRK
Access to the funds in the account
Access to the funds in the multi-currency account is possible via the following instruments:
  • Bank card,
  • cheque,
  • bank order,
  • funds withdrawal order,
  • standing order,
  • banking transactions via the Internet.
Any withdrawal from the account will be charged to the HRK section of the overall balance in the account (the sum of HRK and foreign currency funds). In the event that the HRK amount has been exhausted, other currency balances will be debited, starting with the largest one and ending with the smallest one.
Funds disposal
Account owners and their proxies may dispose of funds in the account using the following:
  • Maestro card for the following:
    • 1.     shopping at points of sale marked with the Maestro logo both at home and abroad,
    • 2.     withdrawing cash at ATMs and points of payment marked with Maestro logo both at home and abroad,
    • 3.     checking balances on the multi-currency account via MBNet ATM network,
    • 4.     changing the PIN via MBNet ATM network,
    • 5.     purchasing Simpa and VIPme prepaid vouchers via MBNet ATM network.
  • Cheques to pay for purchases at points of sale and withdrawal of cash at other banks and Croatian Post Office oulets;
  • Cash withdrawals at the Bank teller.
The Bank will grant a first overdraft amount equal to the first regular inflow of funds into the multi-currency account and not exceeding 10,000.00 HRK. Regular inflows inlcude salary and pension benefit payments and other regular inflows of income.
Holders of multi-currency current accounts who have only started with regular inflows into the account have their overdraft facility available from the date of the first inflow of regular income into the account until the last day of the third month of the overdraft approval.
An overdraft facility is made available for a period of three month with automatic renewal, provided that:
  • There are regular inflows into the multi-currency current account over a period of three months,
  • The overdraft limit has not been exceeded for more than 15 successive days in the period of the last three months,
  • Average inflow into the account over the previous three months has exceeded 500 HRK,
  • If the average monthly inflow exceeds 1,000.00 HRK, the overdraft limit is increased to double the amount of monthly inflow, but not exceeding 40,000.00 HRK,
  • A debit card is used,
  • No framework loan has been granted.
Standing order
We are at your disposal if you decide to pay your bills using a standing order. The service can be provided charging any of your accounts held at the Bank. In the event that it is contracted to pay the bills charging the multi-currency account, the HRK funds will be used first, and if there is insufficient HRK the difference will be covered by converting the currency with the largest balance at the purchase exchange rate.
We will contract to pay your HRT subscription bills and your HT service bills without charging you any fee.
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