Multi-currency account - one for all

Opening a transaction account
To perform payment operations via Partner banka, it is necessary to open a transaction account at the Bank. A TRANSACTION ACCOUNT is a multi-currency account where the Bank records every payment operation, with the balance in HRK and in each applicable currency. To open a transaction account at Partner Bank, the client must submit to the Bank filled-in and properly certified forms required for opening a transaction account with the Bank, together with the required documents evidencing the status of the legal entity. 

Documents required to open a transaction account
Documents required to open a transaction account:

  • Two copies of the request to open a transaction account
  • Two copies of the contract on opening and maintaining a transaction account and performing payment operations
  • Two copies of the registration of signature (or three copies if you decide to perform transactions via FINA as well)
  • Copies of personal identification documents of authorized signatories and persons authorized to represent the business
  • Statement of account status
  • Statement of actual ownership
  • Documents evidencing legal status


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